Family Law Services

Negrette Law offers a collaborative legal approach as well as limited scope services for the following:

Divorce Litigation & Mediation

Sometimes marriages don’t end on positive terms, and the parties have a difficult time dividing assets or coming to agreement on child custody, visitation, or payments of debts for example. At Negrette Law we will zealously strive to achieve your goals in the most amicable way, but for the extraordinary cases that require trial and litigation, Negrette Law will stand ready to protect you. 


Asset Division/Appraisal

It is imperative to correctly account for your assets, which may include: business ownership, real estate, stocks, and other investment. These will need to be valued and divided in the final settlement agreement. Using financial experts and planners to assist with this process, we are able to prepare our clients for financial stability following divorce.


Custody & Visitation

This is frequently the most contentious aspect of a divorce, and without the right guidance, your rights as a parent may be affected. We will stand next to you during mediation and help clarify what is in the best interests of your child. 


Child Support

The State of California uses a guideline formula for determining child support. This formula weighs several factors including monthly income, number of children, and the custodial timeshare between parents. 


Spousal Support

You may qualify for temporary spousal support while divorce proceedings are ongoing, if you live in San Diego County. We can help you determine the amount of spousal support you will owe or be entitled to receive.


Settlement Agreements

Your list of assets and liabilities will be divided and the agreement is signed by both parties. Using an attorney for this process will take the burden off of you to do the strong negotiating. We will call to follow-up on your behalf, and we will ensure that your interests are protected. 

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