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Family Law is Complicated, Here's Where We Can Help

We offer full and limited scope services for all types of cases.

Litigation Services

In some cases, the parties strongly disagree on how assets and debts should be divided, who gets custody of the children, and who should pay spousal support. For these cases we will work tirelessly to gather and present the strongest evidence for your case in court. We are ready to aggressively protect your interests.  


Annulment means a judge rules that your marriage is void, or never existed as a matter of law. Immigration fraud is a basis for annulment. To prevail, you must prove the fraud and show that you did not live with your spouse after discovering the fraud. Other grounds for annulment include force, physical incapacity, and unsound mind. 

Child Custody, Visitation & Support

Public policy in this state provides that both parents have an interest in equal custody and frequent and continuing contact with children of the marriage. A mathematical formula determines child support based on several factors including monthly income and the custodial timeshare between parents. 

Spousal Support

You may qualify for spousal support while divorce proceedings are ongoing. For marriages less than 10 years in duration, temporary support is usually awarded for half the length of the marriage. The amount depends on the parties' income and other factors. 

Settlement Agreements

If you and your spouse agree on a division of your assets and debts, we can prepare a settlement agreement that meets your needs. In amicable divorces, an agreement is often the cheapest and quickest way to complete the divorce. Summary dissolution may also be an option for simple cases. 

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you may be eligible to file a restraining order for protection against abuse. Abuse can be physical, sexual, technological, financial, or mental. If granted, the restraining order can be in effect for 3-5 years. 

Call for help with "Immigration + Divorce" 

  • You may be eligible to file for a humanitarian visa (U Visa, VAWA) if you have a restraining order

  • You may be eligible to enforce the affidavit of support obligation (Form I-864) during divorce

  • You may be eligible to keep your lawful permanent residence even if you are divorcing your U.S. citizen spouse (Form I-751)

  • You may be eligible to annul your marriage if you can prove your spouse used you to obtain lawful permanent residence